Sikkimyst is a specialized Sikkim Tour and Travel operator, evolved out of love of Sikkim. We endeavor to take you to places that represent the very essence of Sikkim and to provide you with experiences that will remain etched forever in your memories. We actively work with local people of the Sikkim. Sikkimyst is passionate in making Sikkim the most coveted tourist destination in India and Abroad. We are keen to have you experience of Majestic, Mystic and Divine Sikkim with leisure, comfort and peace of mind. We are committed to let the visitors savor subtle facets and nuances of Sikkim – the place, people and culture. We are proud that we do this at most competitive and affordable prices.

Explore Your Spiritual Side



Sikkimyst is keen to promote tourism that is nature, adventure and spiritually based, with the main motivation for travel is the observation and appreciation of Sikkim nature, her traditional cultures and historical significance.

Support the protection of nature, flora, fauna and wild life which is diminishing at rapid rate. Our tours generate employment opportunities for communities in Gangtok and far flung areas. Our tours create an awareness towards Himalayan abundance of nature among visitors.

Provides a link between Himalayan habitants with urban visitors to provide mutual understanding.